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The insurance policy that is particularly created to cover the commodities in any mode of transportation, including air, sea, land, and train, is known as Logistics Insurance. It provides coverage... Read More

The kiwifruit is a natural fruit and is seen mostly in the regions native to Southeast Asia. The Kiwi fruit has high nutritive as well as medicinal value. Owing to... Read More

The term "Enhanced Efficiency Fertilizer" (EEF) refers to products that improve nutrient uptake and stop nutrient loss, including gaseous losses, by regulating the rate of release or changing the interactions... Read More

Digital onboarding referred to as remote onboarding is the process of acquiring new customers or subscribing new users to a company or organization by using online tools and software. Verifying... Read More

A robotic chef who could follow any recipe would find many uses in both domestic and commercial settings because cooking is one of the most significant activities that take place... Read More

Canning is a method of preserving foods for longer period of time by packing them in different airtight containers. The canned food serves enriched nutrients to the health-conscious consumers. The... Read More

Toilet paper also known as toilet roll is a type of tissue paper and is considered an essential item among tissue papers. Toilet paper has become a bathroom hygiene necessity... Read More

Organic cocoa is grown and produced using farming methods, production processes, and with ingredients that comply with USDA organic standards. It must be grown or produced without the use of... Read More

Swimwear for men is apparel designed for swimming and water sports. Men's swimsuits are typically more form-fitting than other men's clothing, with elastic waistbands or straps to keep them in... Read More

Fava Beans are also known as Broad Beans. It contain high source of protein and consumed in all over the world. This is a sessional crop, in springtime, it is... Read More