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Silicone polymer is a family of fluids, resins, and elastomers. S polymer molecules are chains of oxygen and silicon atoms that are stable at both high and low temperatures. These... Read More

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Through the web Shikayat Peti, customers and companies can establish a direct line of communication with an integrated system for inquiries, customer support, and complaint filing. Shikayat Peti - Get Fast... Read More

Green Cardamom(50g)/best spices

Our green cardamom is the finest quality 8mm pods from our family plantation in Wayanad, Kerala where the cardamom is cultivated beneath the giant tropical trees. The shade is managed... Read More

Blue Tea(25g)/best tea for health

Our blue tea is sourced directly from farms in Southern India where it is naturally grown. With its health benefits and being a natural colouring agent is preferred by chefs... Read More

How much does a coffee machine cost in India/machine coffee powder

Coffee is one beverage that is loved across the world whether it is Cappuccino, Americano. Espresso. Doppio, or our very own traditional authentic South Indian Filter Coffee. In India,... Read More

Best South Indian Filter Coffee/filter coffee powder online

It is human nature that whenever we experience something too good, we want to tell others about it. If it is an excellent movie that we enjoy greatly, we want... Read More

Muziris the morning breeze for every mood/coffee powder for coffee machine

Morning is the most productive and creative time of the day. It is a time when one can contemplate life, visualize, and plan for the day. If you have the... Read More