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Why China Has The Worst Fighter Jet

Why China Has The Worst Fighter Jet

Submitted by • January 28, 2020

Being carrier borne, with twin engines and capable of supersonic flight the Shenyang J-15 fighter jet is a frightening sight to behold. Surely no one wants to mess with something nicknamed “The Flying Shark.” Officially it is classified as 4th generation fighter jet. Though not an F-22 Raptor rival, it still way too advanced compared to other fighter jets in neighbouring nations. And seeing the aircraft in its full glory, it’s exactly what one had in mind of a fighter jet; sleek and fast.

At least that’s what people thought of it.

It looks like this piece of military hardware is all bark and no bite. The PLA just came up with a piece of junk and not a competent fighter. In reality, the so called Flying Shark is no more than an oversized flopping fish.

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