Which Is Easier to Adopt: ASTPP or A2Billing?

If you are an ITSP, VoIP business owner, or anyone who wants to run multiple VoIP businesses to increase revenue generation, then ASTPP is the best choice. Cutting the long story short, ASTPP has an array of add-ons representing several VoIP solutions, which can be used to run multiple VoIP businesses in parallel. At the cost of a single VoIP solution, you can get multiple VoIP solutions to run multiple VoIP businesses. However, if you are thinking to use open source class 4 Softswitch with VoIP billing solution, then you have two options to consider:


Both are open source VoIP solutions and both offer the class 4 Softswitch with billing solution. There are many aspects to consider and we are going to compare the ease of adopting these open source VoIP solutions.

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