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Wheatgrass Powder Canada

Wheatgrass Powder Canada

Submitted by • December 3, 2013

Benefits of Wheatgrass:
• Wheatgrass has an outstanding feature i.e. it has very high content of chlorophyll which is about 70%. Chlorophyll contains a highly alkalizing and energizing effect. This chlorophyll alone makes wheatgrass a super food.
• Wheatgrass contains about 80 of the known enzymes and also has a long list of amino acids which is nearly around 17 types of them.
• Wheatgrass is also rich in minerals which contain sodium, germanium, calcium, iron, cobalt, zinc, sulphur, protein, magnesium, potassium and phosphorus.
• Wheatgrass is also an excellent source of vitamins which makes it a complete food. Vitamins contained in it are vitamin C, E, K and B complex (including B12).
• The wheatgrass juice is also suitable and healthy drink for a diabetic patient as it has the ability to regulate the blood sugar level.

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