What To Do When Your Child Doesn't Want To Go To School?

Parenting Tips: What To Do When Your Child Doesn't Want To Go To School?

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Humans are responsive to change, but when it happens, their first instinct is to resist it. It is a defence mechanism to avoid anything unpleasant or out of the ordinary. If you haven't noticed this behaviour in yourself, sit back and think about the times when you did something going out of your comfort zone.

Weren't you afraid to try it first? If yes, you can relate to your child who doesn't want to attend school. Understanding the psychology behind this reluctance is easy; your child is afraid. As a parent, your job is to make your kid ready and eager for what is to come.

Not sure how to do that? Well, do not worry; we have got you covered in this blog. We are going to provide you with parenting tips to deal with your child who is resisting going to school. First, we will understand the cause of this behaviour. And then, we will proceed with the tips using creative teaching methods, exploring modern education, and establishing simple habits accordingly.

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