What is Basic Requirements for Web Design?

Gaining the confidence of the client to be picked to make their website is one thing but actually making or designing the website is another. The website designer needs to first study the requirements of the client. This can be done in several methods for example it can be done by requesting a document from the client asking for the requirements or even via a questionnaire that asks specific question relevant to the designing of the website.

This is one of the most important tasks of the development process and once this has been completed the web designer needs to start working on the actual design of the website. There is one other thing required though and that is knowledge of the domain on the website.

For example if the website is for a law firm than the web designer needs to aware of the subtle design elements that can enhance a law firm website and make it stand out. To put it simply he either needs to have knowledge in the law field to some extent or do some research of his own if he doesn’t. These small steps will make sure the website design finally made is a good one

What is Basic Requirements for Web Design?

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