What does It mean To Be Treated For Cancer Instead Of Referring As Cured Of Cancer | Is Cancer Curab

Is Cancer Curable?
The first question by a cancer patient and loved ones want an answer for. Let’s together make an attempt to understand what actually treatment for cancer referred to if it’s not curable. Common terminology REMISSION is used in relation to cancer treatment: the disappearance of the signs and symptoms of a disease.
Complete Remission /complete response: The disappearance of all signs of cancer in response to treatment while this does not always mean cancer has been cured.
Is Ever Cancer Considered ‘Cured’?
No, cancer is not considered cured at least medically. Patients with increased disease-free survival rate or natural lifetime complete remission period after receiving treatment justify the statement that they lived free of disease symptoms but it does not refer to the statement that cancer is cured.
It is clinically predictable to only an extent but impossible to confirm the recurrence of cancer even with complete remission after treatment.
The reason behind this is less probability of diagnosing cancer or precancerous-cells 100%.
Your medical oncologist can promise to closest and best for more than the five-year survival rate period. With no signs of cancer cells recurring in the body for five years(Disease-free survival time period).
However, this is followed by periodic screening which includes regular diagnostic tests for cancer during remission.
So Does Cancer Come Back After Remission?
Cancer is not a single disease while it’s a combination of several mutations and disease. Certain cancerous cells or precancerous cells still survive or take rebirth with associated mutations even after completing treatment after a dormant phase leading to recurrence.
Like Stage IV is generally an incurable condition; still, temporary remission can be achieved but cancer eventually recurs.
That’s why it is well said, “Cancer cannot be cured completely but can be treated completely”.
Never Lose Hope: let’s get treated for cancer. As staying in remiss