What Are The Problems, Issues, And Concerns In School?

Adolescence is a time in a young person’s life that is filled with difficult lessons, immense physical growth, surging hormones, and a newfound need for autonomy. Teenagers are designed to test limits, push boundaries, and engage in behaviors that help them discover their true selves and begin to cultivate a moral compass. The teenage brain is not yet fully developed, and will not reach full development until age twenty-five, at the earliest. A teenager relies heavily on the amygdala (the area of the brain associated with impulses, emotions, aggression, instinctive behavior, and plays a role in sexual activity and libido) when reacting to certain stimuli whereas an adult relies on the prefrontal cortex (the area of the brain that is involved in planning, self-control, and decision making) when reacting to the same stimuli. Hence, teenagers instinctively react to stimuli emotionally and often without any consideration of foresight or rational thought. Part of growing up in America is the necessity for education and to attend some type of school through the duration of one’s adolescence. School is also often the place where young people work out much of their teenage angst. Hence, there are a variety of school-related challenges that young people face during adolescence.

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