What Are The Best Household Solar Panel Solutions Available In Australia?

There’s a huge variety of solar panels in the market today. And picking the best one for your house can be a complicated job.

With many choices to choose from, how can you choose which solar panel is best for your house?

This short article might help you with this concern. We will recommend, from our point of view, the best solar panels in the market in 2021 to assist consumers – house owners like you – find the very best solar panels for their needs.

Experts’ choice- 4 best solar panel
This article has not one but four solar panels ‘best-of’ lists. If it’s simply a quick recommendation you want, check out the first ranking: our professionals’ picks for the four finest solar panels in the market.

Premium solar panels are high-quality panels and boast top-of-the-line specifications – in addition to a higher price tag. Our specialists’ leading options in the premium solar panel classification are Longi, Trina, Hyundai, and Qcell.

All four businesses do high-performance modules with superior workmanship, higher efficiency rankings, better temperature coefficients, lower degradation rates, and market-leading 25-year item warranties.

All four companies are known for their high manufacturing requirements and will be around to honor any warranty claims in the future. This means they are Tier 1 solar panel brands.

Find out more about Tier 1 solar panels here.

The most efficient solar panel in the market
Solar panel efficiency tells you how much sunlight striking a solar panel is transformed by its constituent solar cells into electrical energy. Numerous customers would like to know what solar panels have the greatest efficiency scores.

We have compared the efficiency listed below for your better understanding.

Manufacturer Module Power Output* Efficiency Performance Warranty Product Warranty
Longi Longi Half-cut MonoHi-MO 4m 370W 20.3% 25 Years 12 Years
Trina HoneyM 370W 20.2% 25 Years 15 Years
Hyundai Hyundai Shingled(HiE series) 390W 19.9% 25 Years 25 Years