Use the power of business intelligence for your next construction project with power BI

Staying agile, effective, and competitive in the construction industry requires valuable business intelligence. Dealing with data for construction projects can be challenging. Numbers show high failure rates for projects with massive capital. The overwhelming amount of data can be difficult to manage with time and cost overruns, poor project execution.

This is where construction firms can leverage the capabilities of Power BI to connect, track, and share large data volumes. Knowing what data needs to be used helps leverage growth opportunities, improve budget performance, enhance job site productivity, reduce risks, bid better, etc.

This content construct focuses on the use of Power BI in construction to monitor project progress, manage schedules, and plan logistics. Data produced onsite is massive, and observations show contractors caught in a pool of data without the right BI tools. Construction stakeholders constantly face a myriad of challenges on accurate data usage. These challenges include –

Challenges faced by construction stakeholders to manage data.
• Unproductive project reporting
• Silo data systems
• Unorganized & inefficient project data
• Paper-based processes and reporting
• Absence of system compatibility or connectivity
• Poor project performance
• Low productivity
• Onsite construction risks

These challenges are compounded by an increase in project complexity. That’s where Business Intelligence or BI is adopted. Interactive or dynamic visualization of business data helps enhance construction processes, raise profit margins, and create new growth opportunities.

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