TK Jiang’s amusing Corporate Entertainment Singapore

Hello audience, welcome to TK Jiang’s virtual magic show. Magic entertains us by different tricks, illusions and effects of something which is not possible by natural means. TK Jiang is an excellent and talented magician of Asia Pacific. His magic shows are so entertaining, you will surely be impressed by his magic tricks.TK Jiang’s magic tricks are truly phenomenal. He has studied about magic tricks, illusions and effects throughout his life. He aims to make his audience elated with his exceptional tricks. He has been awarded multiple awards. Awards like “Champion” and “People’s Choice” in the year 2018 by one of the greatest magic competitions of Singapore.TK Jiang also won “Golden Buzzer” of Asia’s Got Talent and he was the first and only magician of Singapore to win this. His motto is to modernize art with state-of-the-art technology. Moreover, TK Jiang organizes magic shows that are understandable for English speaking as well as for Mandarin speaking audiences. TK Jiang being a talented magician has appeared on a lot of top Chinese reality TV shows. TK Jiang is the first digital magician who was invited to perform at the MediaCorp Channel 8’s Live CNY Countdown TV show. He has extremely super amazing magic tricks, illusions and effects to show to the world. His magic shows will surely make you fall for his magic tricks.