The Ultimate Guide to Safety In Your High-Rise Apartment

High-rise buildings are generally built to the highest safety standards and offer multiple modes of safety and protection to the inhabitants. Unlike ‘low-rise’ buildings, high-rises are also earthquake proof, fire retardant and safe from floods.

With the number of high-rise buildings increasing by the day, these safety features too must be updated and passed through intense scrutiny and rigorous testing which ensures that there is no compromise whatsoever.

In order to maintain the highest standards for safety, MSpace’s invisible grills are thoroughly tested against real life scenarios under high pressure environments which can increase the likelihood of an accident.

In terms of safety, there can never be enough. While protection equipment, thoughtful construction and automatic fire extinguishing methods are one part, there also must be adequate protection in high-risk areas such as windows and balconies. This is where MSpace’s invisible grills provide the most reasonable solution.

MSpace invisible grills made with 316 stainless steel cords provides a safety solution that is unlike any other window grilling system available in the market. It is developed with a material that keeps it away from rusting, degradation and general withering due to extreme climate. Along with this, the grills are wrapped tightly into an innovative nylon coating that raises the bar of safety by multiple folds.

Children and pets are curious creatures that will most likely put themselves in dangerous positions in a high-rise building. Today, MSpace’s invisible grills are so evolved that you can take a sigh of relief for they fulfill the purpose beyond doubt. Let your children and pets enjoy the view outside your building because our invisible grills can be custom fitted at gaps of 4/5/6 inches according to your requirements.

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