Identifies the tags and triggers to be fired during the process Labels and triggers are key for your marketing automation campaign to be carried out effectively. The labels serve to identify the leads according to specific characteristics, while the triggers allow you to activate an automatic task based on certain characteristics or actions. To program labels and triggers you have to define a series of conditions and associate them with them. For example: Triggers: Click on the advertisement Task to be automated: Activate the sending of a landing page. Triggers: Completed contact form Task to be automated.

On the other hand, Zoho MarketingHub is a good option if you have a smaller budget, since the prices of its standardized plans are $20 USD and $40 USD for 1,000 contacts to manage on the platform. However, prices can increase if you increase the number of leads, website visitors, and number of email blasts. Although Zoho MarketingHub does not have the same functionality of Hubspot Marketing Pro to create and publish articles, this tool does allow you to send messages via SMS.