The Difference Between Off-Grid and On-Grid Solar Energy

When you decide to install a solar power system for your property, you need to make many decisions. And since you’re buying systems that will last several years, you wish to make the ideal choices.

We will be able to guide you through these choices to get you the best system for your circumstance if you partner with a reputable solar installer. However, doing a little research on the front end can’t hurt either.

Here we will be sharing four differences between on-grid and off-grid solar power to assist you to decide which is finest for your solar task.

What Are Off-Grid and on-grid Solar energy?
An off-grid solar system is not connected to the energy grid, whereas an on-grid (grid-tied) solar power system is linked to the utility grid. Your option of an off-grid system or on-grid system will determine your access to electrical power, what devices are needed for excess production, what happens when the grid goes down, and how you’re billed for electricity.

Off-grid solar vs On-grid solar energy
Your Access to Electricity

Electricity Access with Off-Grid Solar system
What is suggested by off-grid solar systems? With an off-grid solar system, you’re entirely dependent on the sun and energy saved in batteries to power your home or service.

If you go with a solar system that is not connected to the electrical grid and you do not have a battery backup, you will just have electrical energy in these two conditions:

When there is sunlight, and your solar system is producing electrical power.
When you’re pulling electricity earlier created by your solar system and is stored in your batteries.
If you do not have a battery backup or a method to keep your energy, you will have less or no electrical power when it’s cloudy, and you will not have electricity at night time.

With an off-grid system, you will not have access to additional electrical energy if you require it. The energy that you are producing and what you have actually stored is all that’s there to power your d