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Single kit that solves the dual purpose of removing unwanted tan, making your skin brighter & radiant. Inveda’s Papaya and Cucumber Facial Kit is designed with naturally derived scientific Beta-Arbutin... Read More

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Panchakarma At Arogyadham In Rishikesh

Panchakarma therapy is also one of the well-known and beneficial ayurvedic therapies of Ayurveda. It is considered as the heart of all ayurvedic treatments. Intensive procedures during Panchakarma therapy aims... Read More

The incredible combo with wonderful natural ingredients like sandalwood, turmeric, papaya, and extract of other natural ingredients to serve for the betterment of the skin as it purifies skin’s surface... Read More

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Inveda’s Anti Pigmentation Blend is enriched with Rosemary essential oil for skin & Bergamot Oil extracts. Rosemary is essential oil for skin that stimulates nervous system, removes extra melanin. Bergamot... Read More

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