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Students English Grammar

Students English Grammar

Submitted by • March 17, 2020

The blog help us to learn English grammar . So more and more visite this website every post


Sense: - In the Sentence Noun or Pronoun is related to the relationship of another word as a Case / case.
Type |Case : - Three types of carrier Namely: -
1) Nominative Case.
2) Objective Case.
3) Passive Case.

Nominetive Objective Possessive
I Me My
We Us Our
You You Your
He Him His
She Her Her
Tehy It Its
Who Whom Whose

1) Nominative Case: - The answer that is asked by the What or the Who, is the Nominative Case. As:
He goes to school every day.
Love makes a man cry.

Nominative Case is again eight types. Namely: -

Noun :-
Karim is my intimate friend.
Sabnur was married to ranju.

Pronoun :-
She loves my elder brother too.
They thought me a mad.

Adjective :-
The rich are not always happy.
The weak are always insulted.

Infinitive :-
To walk in the morning is good for health.
To quarrel with others is not good.


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