Statutory Warning: Market Crash Predictions are Injurious to Your Portfolio

A young Captain fell into a well by mistake. His soldiers who saw this immediately came to his rescue. They threw a rope into the well to take him out. But there was a small problem. As soon as the Captain would come up to the top of the well, all of them left the rope and saluted him. The Captain again fell into the well. The same routine repeated for 6 times. Finally the soldiers gave up.

They went to their Major for help. The Major rushed to the spot, threw the rope and started to pull the Captain out. As soon as the Captain reached the top of the well, he spotted the Major. He immediately left the rope and saluted the Major. Once again, he fell into the well.

This funny story is a good reminder of how we sometimes follow authority figures blindly without understanding the context. Behavioural Science even has a fancy name for this – Authority Bias.

Authority Bias is the tendency to blindly follow instructions or believe the views of someone in authority without thinking.

Why does this happen?