Southern California Gas Company Description: Southern California Gas (SoCalGas) has the right to call it the “Gas Company” as the largest gas utility in the United States. Utility, an indirect partner of Sampra Energy, distributes 5.9 million residential, commercial and industrial meters (21.6 million subscribers) of natural gas to more than 500 communities across the southern half of California. SoCalGas’ natural gas facilities include 2,962 miles of transmission and storage pipelines, 50,097 miles of distribution pipelines and 47,524 miles of service pipelines. It has 11 transmission compressor stations and 4 underground natural gas storage reservoirs with a combined capacity of 137 billion cu. Both legs.

Southern california gas Industries:
Combined Natural Gas Distribution, Natural Gas Pipeline Transportation, Utilities, Natural Gas Distribution, Natural Gas Transmission Gas and Combined Other Services

History of southern california gas
Previous Southern California Gas Company building on Flower Street
The roots of this gas company date back to the 1800s when new settlers came to Los Angeles in search of a new frontier. In the time of 1867, the Los Angeles Gas Company, now the forerunner of the Southern California Gas Company, installed 43 new gas lamps on Main Street, making the city safer at night. The gas lighting business was run by five entrepreneurs who made gas from substances such as asphalt, tar and later oil.
The company continued to enjoy moderate success until Thomas Edison turned on its electric lighting in 1879. As the future of the gas lamp business became uncertain, the company began looking for other uses for gas, and soon the first gas stoves and heaters were available. In Los Angeles. Meanwhile, Pacific Enterprise wanted to expand their gas business. Founded in San Francisco in 1886 as Pacific Lighting, the company bought several small gas production and distribution companies in the area in 1890, including the Los Angeles Gas Company. The