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Smart and Stupid Things Lelouch Did

Smart and Stupid Things Lelouch Did

Submitted by • March 3, 2020

Lelouch vi Britannia is both an impressive and nasty piece of work. He is an anime antihero in par with the bastards like Light Yagami and Vegeta. Nevertheless the guy is not perfect. Again as I always point out flaws is not a bad thing. It helps connect the (anti)hero to audiences though too much could ruin a character. Yes I’m looking at you Shinn Asuka and Shinji Ikari! We know how Lelouch is capable of doing a lot of wonders. Yet he is still human with a lot of human flaws. Making an empire fall on its knees sounds smart enough, though freaking out at the wrong time will make an experienced rebel cringe. If you know what I mean, just read below for more.

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