single handle faucet wholesale

Single Handle Faucet Manufacturer&Supplier
Starting with a low minimum order quantity of 500 pieces, Landlink's qualified and stylish single handle faucets make your wholesale business more flexible and profitable.

Design Capabilities
Landlink has a team of technology-driven researchers who emphasize user experience above all else. With every small and specially designed improvement, we are committed to making significant changes that set us apart from other faucet companies.
Greater water efficiency
No drips and leaks
More consistent, less splashing
Super smooth flow

Production Capability
Landlink designs and manufactures products that our customers really love, based on a thorough study and understanding of market trends and preferences in the United States and Europe.

Landlink has an annual production capacity of 500,000 units, allowing us to deliver high-quality faucets on time and within the delivery. By employing a complete system of quality control measures in our own factory, we are able to provide you with the highest quality faucets.

Partnering with Landlink ensures the success of your wholesale business with our marketable faucets that complement modern kitchen and bathroom styles, from simple to luxurious, contemporary to vintage.