Secure Linx- Your Secure link to Security Systems

Our Product Line Up to as follows but not limited to:-
1. Security CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) IP, HD, Analogue, Thermal, Line Scan, Area Scan, and Infrared Cameras all with Video Analytics.
2. Fire Alarm System FAS: Addressable, Conventional, Fiber Option, Infrared and Linear.
3. Access Control System: IP, Grade 3 Wired, Wireless, Stand Alone, Hotel Locks.
4. Intrusion & Burglar Alarm System: IP, Wireless and Conventional.
5. Perimeter Fence System: Electric Fence, Barbed and Razor Wire concertina.
6. Gate and Garage Automation: Wireless, Automation RFID, Swing Boom and Sliding Gates.
7. Control & Conference Room: Windows and Roof Curtain Automation.
8. Safety Systems: emergency stair case, Monkey Ladders, Escape Shoots, Fire Hydrants, FM200, Inergen, CO2, Halotron and Data Centre Solutions.
9. Physical Security Systems: Walk Through Gates (CIEA, Garret, Aurora, ZK Teco) X-Ray Baggage, Mine Detectors, Fume and Vapor Detectors.
10. Parking Systems: Entrance and Guidance Systems. Boom/Delta Barriers, Tire Killers, Road Blocker, Bollards.
11. Fleet Management System: GPS and Fuel Management through Terrestrial and Satellite.
12. Airport Solutions: Information Displays, Master Clock Airport Guidance Light, Vehicle Scanning, ANPRS (Automatic Number Plate Recognition Systems) under Vehicle Inspection System.

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