Screen Repair in Dubai – Get 50% Off on your Bookings

MacBook Pro screen repair will cost between 380-2950 AED based on the model. MacBook Air screen repair will cost between 1000 and 1250 AED, based upon what you choose to repair. MacBook Series. IT-Tech Online provides professional MacBook screen repair and replacement services in Dubai.
We offer a free evaluation for any Macbook screen problems. Since a large percentage of screen issues are not due to the screen it is essential to determine the problem properly. To illustrate, MacBook screen no-backlight or dim image problems are frequent, however most times the problem isn't attributable to the screen. The issue lies with the circuit for backlighting on the sense board. We're a sense-board form specialist. We have the expertise, skills and attire to swiftly determine the source of the display and determine if the sense board was the cause of the display issue and help you help you avoid the hassle of a plutocrat.