Say Goodbye to Manual Testing: Embrace AI-Driven Pet Health with OvaCyte Pet

Overuse or incorrect use of parasitic treatments on animals can lead to anti-parasitic resistance, rendering treatments less effective and potentially causing harm to pets, humans and our environment. Routine testing and more selective treatment is the answer!

With OvaCyte Pet, you can avoid unnecessary treatments and ensure that antiparasitics are used only when needed – based on precise diagnostics.

With no-mess, load-and-go sample prep in just 60 seconds, OvaCyte Pet fecal analyzer streamlines your workflow. It delivers accurate, reliable results in minutes. And, its fully automated, AI-driven digital analysis empowers you to take real-time treatment decisions.

Say goodbye to manual testing and bring advanced, automated diagnostics directly to your clinic with the OvaCyte Pet Faecal Analyser!

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