Reliable Cloud Provider In Switzerland

We are a leading managed service provider for mission critical IT and enable cloud transformation and digital innovation around the world.Estnoc is a Swiss cloud service provider based in Switzerland, offering self-service and scalable cloud services billed by the minute.In this global digital landscape, it is not enough to consider security as an afterthought, or as optional. Security should be central to any effective cloud computing operation.Cloud computing is reliably flexible, scalable and—in most use cases—cost-efficient. Certainly, it is hard to imagine any more flexible and scalable IT infrastructure than the cloud, where you can add and subtract assets with the click of a mouse, but the cloud is not necessarily cost-effective. We offer Cloud VPS currently from Estonia. We deliver Cloud VPS’s to our customers within 12 hours maximum after successful payment! Usual delivery for regular servers takes less than 8 hours.You can configure your desired Cloud VPS package all by yourself. You can choose operating systems between Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2012 or various Linux versions like Debian, CentOS to name a few. For Cloud VPS we use KVM or VMWare virtualization. All our Estonian Cloud VPS packages are hosted on multiple HP BL460 blade servers with HP EVA5000 FC storage technology on cloud to avoid the hardware failures.Companies can focus on developing their products instead of maintaining all the necessary infrastructure, which is costly, time-consuming and requires lots of resources.With scalability, there comes flexibility. Cloud makes it easy to connect external contributors and to give them access to all the necessary services. It also facilitates the work of the entire team that more and more often works on the go and on mobile devices.

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