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Epitomize the natural beauty and power of earth with the wondrous Pyrite Stone, available in its most authentic and untouched form at Shriprasadam. Mined from the depths of the earth, this natural Pyrite stone flaunts a lustrous golden hue and intricate crystal formation.

Pyrite, an iron sulfide with the chemical formula FeS2, possesses a shiny metallic appearance. Due to its resemblance to gold and its pale brass-yellow color, it is commonly referred to as fool's gold. The significance of pyrite lies in its association with purity and the removal of creative blockages. The term "pyrite" originates from the Greek word "Pyr," meaning fire, which reflects the way light reflects off the stone's surface. This may also symbolize its strong masculine energy and intense passion. Primarily, pyrite serves as a protective stone. It strives to safeguard and shield its wearer from various threats. Whether it be shielding against emotional vampires, defending against psychic attacks, dispelling negative energies, purifying electromagnetic smog, or halting toxic thought patterns, pyrite is always ready to maintain your purity.

Why use Shriprasadam's Natural Pyrite Stone/Crystal
At Shriprasadam, we offer you the Pyrite Stone Original in its pure and unprocessed form, ensuring an authentic and mesmerizing experience. Our Pyrite Raw Cluster is a stunning collection of multiple natural Pyrite Stones, showcasing the raw and untamed beauty of the earth.
1- Authentic Raw Pyrite Stone
2- Genuine Raw Pyrite Crystal
3- Our commitment to quality ensures that only the finest pyrite stones are offered, even if it means absorbing the cost of rejection.
4- Each pyrite stone is carefully packaged in a pouch to ensure safe delivery.
5- Our pyrite crystals are meticulously cleansed and recharged by Reiki healing professionals before being sold.