Q. What are the other benefits of Vetiver?

Adhd – A 2016 research found that vetiver essential oil can reduce mental weariness and boost alertness, so it stands to reason that it could help people with ADHD focus on a task while filtering out extraneous sensory information.
Focus – Vetiver mixes are widely used to minimise distraction and enhance concentration, research to assess or concentrating on a task.
Pain – Vetiver is occasionally used topically to the skin to relieve stress, mental upheavals and shock, lice, and insect repellent. It may also be used to treat arthritis, allergies, and burns.
Parkinson's disease – Vetiver essential oil is one of the most effective essential oils for stress and brain health. It can also help to avoid the movements associated with Parkinson's disease. This oil has a sweet, smokey aroma and has been used for ages in Ayurvedic treatment. It has the ability to change the neuronal activity that causes stress, anxiety, and muscular spasms.
Face – Vetiver Oil stimulates skin, cell, and tissue regeneration, acting as the final healer. Vetiver Essential Oil, when used topically, lowers the look of blemishes, fine wrinkles, and even scars.
Spiritual benefits – Vetiver's profound link to our neurological system is said to have a direct influence on our subconsciousness, improving our dreams, spirituality, and connection to the Divine, and bridging the spiritual and physical divide.