Preclinical Toxicology Services | Preclinical Research Services

SLS is a Contract Research Organization with a key focus on Pre-Clinical safety, Efficacy, Toxicology, and Clinical research services to biopharma industries and research organizations.SLS offers Toxicology Studies & Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) compliance, confirming with the international standards, to meet the regulatory requirements. Studies performed. We provide a variety of preclinical in vivo efficacy models in different disease areas, including oncology, arthritis, diabetes and other diseases. We also offer pharmacokinetic. permitted daily exposure (PDE) or threshold of toxicological concern (TTC) should be the result of a systematic and critical scientific evaluation of all available pharmacological. Laboratories support services for your product discovery and development activities and brief details of the assays studies are described. Sugen Life Sciences offers expert advice.SLS has signed collaborative research programs with the following institutions and organizations like Nucleus BiopharmaInc, USA, PercipiadInc, USA, etc.

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