Paper bag manufacturers company in UAE | Printing and Packaging Companies in UAE

We are a major paper/shopping bag manufacturer and wholesaler in the United Arab Emirates serving the retail and HORECA industry. Printing and Packaging Companies in UAE

Our Packaging Solutions help you make your brand’s story a bestseller. From the birth of an idea to the development process with many prototypes, we work closely with you to develop your packaging to truly represent your brand, to tell its story and delight your customers.
We at Go Green are proud of our deeply embedded legacy in the sands of UAE and stand committed to continuously enhance it through our products and services that are Proudly Made in UAE.

We focus on creating sustainable, environment friendly and innovative packaging solutions that are truly green in every aspect. Retail Shopping Bag Manufacturers in UAE With our rich and diverse experience in understanding a variety of technologies we create packaging solutions that are of Top Quality and with full understanding of your unique and varied requirements.

We work, creating a better environment by using FSC Certified paper, Recycled paper and use of water based inks with approved treatment and disposal of wastes. We care.It’s always the small pieces that make the big picture. And the printed paper bag is one such piece in your Packaging mix. We help you with its design as part of your brand’s story that connects with your customers.
Go Green Packaging LLC, brings in a fresh approach to high quality Printing and Packaging Companies in UAE finishing in paper bags industry, in the current market.

The technical back up and responsive sales team give additional confidence in understanding the needs of the consumer very well. Go Green’s, prompt delivery, a good and pleasant service has gone a long way in establishing common respect for both, end users and companies dealing with the industry.
There are several printing and packaging companies in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).