Owners and Developers – Park View City Islamabad

Park View City Islamabad

Park View City Islamabad is an elegant and luxurious residential project located in the Zone IV area of Islamabad. CDA has given its consent for the development, and development work is currently underway within the zone. Vision Group owns the project. Vision Group owns the project and plans to turn this into one of the most luxurious housing zones in Islamabad.

Park View City is accessible from a variety of areas in Islamabad in addition to Rawalpindi. The main boulevard of Park View City is 400 feet. The width makes it easy to access and without difficulty. Additionally, Park View City can be accessed through Kurri Road and Bani Gala. It is a family-friendly housing development that is increasing in popularity due to its rapid expansion.

Here's a complete overview of this program's capabilities and advantages , and the principal advantages it offers for potential investors.

Owners and Developers – Park View City Islamabad

The developers and owners of Park View City are the Vision Group. The Vision Group has been operating for a number of years in the field of development, real estate management as well as other related fields. It is their many years of experience that can make this venture one of a kind.

Vision Group Vision Group was formed in the year 2012, and has been involved in many significant projects like Abdul Aleem Khan Foundation, Park View Corporate Center Lahore, The National School, Park View Signature Apartments Gulberg, Lahore, and Park View Icon, Karachi, and many more.

Vision Group Vision Group has developed the projects to provide the best design and infrastructural viewpoint. Based on the previous projects customers have expressed trust about Vision Group in their plans for the Park View City master plan.

Mauza of Park View City Islamabad

The mentioned project is based on the project previously known as Malot.

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