Online Booking Ettipotala Haritha Hotel (APTDC) – Asia Hotels and Resorts.

"Ettipotala Haritha Hotel (APTDC) in Ettipotala, is a superb hotel.In Ettipotala, Ettipotala Haritha Hotel (APTDC) offers online booking and comfortable living. Contact Ettipotala Haritha Hotel (APTDC) in Ettipotala for tariffs."Haritha Hotel, Etipotala, Nagarjunasagar is surrounded near the beautiful and breathtaking Ettipotala waterfalls near Nagarjunasagar Dam, making this hotel the right option to stay at. The beauty of nature permeates the area round the clock, and calm and peace are easily found in the area. The water of the falls is a great way to refresh you. Facilities and services offered by the hotel in a personalized way give the reason for guests to stay.

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