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The use of appropriate eye protection is critical in the workplace. Injuries to the eyes can happen due to various reasons. Chemical splashes and foreign objects are common, as are cuts to the cornea and steam burns. Additionally, exposure to ultraviolet light, fumes, and flying wood or metal chips are some of the more common causes of workplace eye injuries. Infectious diseases may also infect the eye, including bacterial, viral, and fungal infections.

Many workers are also exposed to harmful chemicals, such as bleach. These substances can harm the soft tissue in the eyes. This is why proper eye protection is essential. These chemicals are known to cause a range of physical and mental damage. If you're working around computers, you'll want to wear safety glasses, which have a UV filter. It's also a good idea to wear a face shield if you're working near dangerous equipment.

CSA-certified eye protectors meet certain criteria for impact resistance. Moreover, they contain only approved materials. In addition to lenses and frames, safety eyewear must carry the manufacturer's certification mark. In addition to these, safety frames are stronger than street-wear ones, which protect the lenses from being pushed into the eyes. Further, the frame is designed to prevent the lens from sliding out of the eye. Lastly, CSA-certified eyewear meets standards of heat and light transmission.