New Kantha quilt by veetrag linen

Kantha Quilt
What is Kantha?
Kantha additionally spelled kanta, and qanta, is a sort of weaving make in the eastern areas of India, especially in the Indian provinces of West Bengal, Tripura and Odisha as well as in Bangladesh. In Odisha, old saris are stacked on one another and hand-sewed to make a meager piece of pad. This is typically utilized over a bed pad or rather than a cushion. Kantha saris are generally worn by ladies in Bengal area of the India In nowadays, weaving is sewed, prominently known as 'Kantha sewed", on sari, kurta and Kantha quilt and numerous different articles of clothing and acquiring prevalence because of their stylish worth and high quality attributes.
Kantha sewing is additionally used to simplify quilts, ordinarily known as nakshi Kantha quilt. Ladies in Bengal commonly utilize old saris and fabric and layer them with Kantha sewing to make a light cover, toss, or blanket, particularly for kids. Kantha is exceptionally well known with vacationers visiting the Bengal locale of the Indian subcontinent.
What is Kantha quilts?
Kantha basically signifies: "fixed fabric" alludes to both the practice of creating these exceptional, boring knitted covers (making something valuable and charming out of disposed of and unused things), as well as the specialty and fasten itself.
Ideal in their Imperfections, Vintage Kantha quilts tosses are a stand-out cotton material. Roused with the set of experiences and happiness of their rich legacy, these incredibly imaginative and distinctively shaded blankets are worked by sewing together layers of old saris aggregately. Kantha quilts give an awesome kaleidoscope of variety, completely renovating and increasing up any living space with their staggering subtleties and energetic tones.
Uses of Kantha:-
Kantha are utilized for conventional articles of clothing, like saris and cloaks, as well concerning Western articles of clothing, like coats and stoles. Made at first from old pieces of clothing like cotton sar