Mobile Marketing Strategies That Can Work Wonders for Small ECommerce Businesses

The primary goal of eCommerce websites is to convert prospects into customers, more specifically – loyal customers.

To achieve the goal —

The target audience should be aware of your brand.
They should trust the quality of services you provide.
As an eCommerce business in the growth phase, achieving these two objectives may seem like a big hurdle.

There are several strategies e-commerce owners can adopt to boost their performance, one of which is mobile marketing.

With over six billion mobile users across the globe, mobile marketing can help your business reach people and strengthen your brand’s visibility. The data below show the transformative power smartphones can have on eCommerce businesses.

Mobile phones account for over 49% of web traffic.
Nearly 60% of all emails open accounts from mobile phones.
Product research through smartphones encourages around 70% of users to buy products.
By leveraging the following mobile marketing strategies, you can drive, convert, and retain website visitors and boost your eCommerce sales.

Create Responsive Website
As mobile traffic can directly impact your sales, you should focus on designing a responsive website.

A responsive design implies that when people visit your store via mobile phone, they see the exact information of the website without any unpleasant visual experience. Their shopping experience remains unified, irrespective of the device.

Responsive websites adjust to the visitor’s screen size (mobile or desktop) and display a customized layout to enhance their navigation experience.

Integrate a fluid grid to define how the website should appear depending on the device of users. For instance, it adjusts itself whether the users are accessing your website via a 28-inch computer, a 20-inch laptop, or a 5-inch mobile phone.