Microsoft Dynamics 365 power platform

Cynoteck offers unique expertise with Microsoft Power Platform, being one of it's earliest consulting partners
Cynoteck is one of the early adopters of the Microsoft Power Platform and a leading “Power Platform Consulting Partner” of Microsoft.
A platform in which anyone with basic knowledge of computer can create custom apps, with a no-code platform like this we can even find business solutions.
Microsoft Power platform Contains 4 parts: –
1. Power BI- Power BI is an integral part of the power platform analyzing the business to provide intuitive visualizations and business intelligence attributes with a firmware simple for the end-user to create their own reports and dashboard to keep a record.
2. Power Apps- PowerApps is a suite of applications, services, connectors, and data a platform that gives faster application development interaction to build apps, for your needs or business.
3. Power Automate – Make your repetitive task organized seamlessly and automate the paperless process with Microsoft power automate. So, you save time on more important tasks at hand.
a) Boost your productivity.
b) Faster automation with robotic process automation and more secure even.
c) Automate manual working with AI- built-in capabilities.
4. Power virtual agent: – Make your own virtual powerful chatbots online that can automatically clear any queries of customers, visitors.

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