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Mgt301 Spring Identify The Marketing Concept

Submitted by • November 2, 2018

Short Assignment Question: Principles of Marketing MGT 301 Spring 2007 (Marks 20) Identify the marketing concept in each of the following cases? Possible answers are given at the end. Support your answer with explanation. 1. WAPDA charges low rate for each unit consumed for electricity for first hundred units. And charges higher rate for further units. Or Wapda offers a facility to those consumers who consume less than 50 units of electricity and their monthly bill is less than Rs. 70 per month, to submit their electricity bills after two months so that they can avoid long queues in the banks for submission of bills every month. 2. McDonald’s devoted much of a recent annual report to the company's concern for the environment. Included in the report were discussions of the company’s program for solid waste management, resource conservation, and recycling. The annual report was printed entirely on recycled papers. 3. United Bank Limited has offered UBL Ameen Islamic Banking (Islamic Bank

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