For years – women’s contributions (From Rosalind Franklin to Cecilia Payne and Kathryn Johnson) have been glossed over in science.

It was the same in the world of entrepreneurship – until women started breaking the glass ceiling in Business and entrepreneurship.

Today, more women are stepping forward and putting their name firmly in the business world.

Consider this – across the globe, women own 36% of businesses, and in the last 20 years, businesses owned by women have increased by 114% (source: Whattobecome)

Some of these women entrepreneurs have shared their thoughts and nuggets of wisdom about life and work in books.

In this blog, I review ten such books that will motivate and inspire young females thinking about making the jump into entrepreneurship.

On a side note – having personally led a small eCommerce startup, I have learned the challenges of running a small business as a woman myself. I hope the blog does justice to the topic.

Here is the list of best books for female entrepreneurs: Open Link to continue Reading

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