:How to setup to myrouter.local?

You can enable the Wireless MAC filter option to prioritise the different web applications and software that are running within the myrouter.local window. You can use the MAC filter address to even prioitize the specific device connected to a router’s network. Make sure you have the MAC addresses of the devices which you want to prioritise more than the other devices. You can see and grant access or block a specific device in the MAC filter list through the “Edit MAC filter list” of the web menu Dashboard. :How to setup to myrouter.local?

Before starting the firmware update process, a user has to visit the official Linksys website to download an available firmware for the router. Do not forget to extract the downloaded firmware file. From the main web menu Dashboard of the myrouter.local window, Go to the Administration tab then click Config Management tab. Scroll down the Firmware upgrade page then click Browse to select the downloaded file. Select the file and click open then click upgrade to start the update process. :How to setup to myrouter.local?

Changing the Wifi password becomes important when a user wants to secure the myrouter.local network from unauthorised access. Users are being recommended to change the default password used during the setup process to connect to the Linksys router. You need to make sure that the Wifi password you set is different from the login password as both the passwords play a different role in a router. A Wifi password secures the network of a router whereas the login password secures the management and monitoring of a device.

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