LifeTech Scientific Corporation Company Profile – Overview – GlobalData

LifeTech Scientific Corporation (LifeTech Scientific) is a manufacturer, suppler and marketer of interventional medical devices for cardiovascular diseases. The product portfolio of the company includes occluders, stent graft system, delivery system, vena cava fitter, vascular plug, sizzing ballon, dilator and snare system. It markets and supplies its products under various brands namely, LAmbre, CeraFlex, Cera, Heart, Ankura, SteerEase, Aegisy and AcuMark among others. LifeTech Scientific through its products serves healthcare and bio-pharmaceutical industries. The company distributes its products through a wide network of sales centers across Hong Kong, India, the Netherland, France, Russia, America, Greece, Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. LifeTech Scientific is headquartered in Shenzhen, Guangzhou, China.