Large CNC machining

Kesu has more than 100 advanced large-scale CNC machining centers, the professional technical team has rich experience in the processing of large deep cavity casings, automobile engines, automobile wheels, robot accessories, aerospace and other parts.

Large CNC machining is a subdivision of CNC machining designed to manufacture large diameter products. As a CNC machining process, it has many advantages such as high precision and accuracy. This is the reason why it is well suited for different industrial sectors. However, large CNC machining is not that simple. It is necessary to understand the timing, manner and other things of the manufacturing process.

Application of large CNC machining
Large CNC machining is a type of CNC machining for the manufacture of large machine parts. Many industries require large CNC machining to make parts for their products, tools or machines. However, the number of industries that use the process is limited due to its size. The following are common industries that use the manufacturing process.

● Automotive

The automotive industry uses small CNC machining to build prototype vehicles. However, in real-time production, they tend to use large CNC machining to make parts for engines, shafts, and other vehicle components.

● Aerospace

The aerospace industry relies on large CNC machining because of its high precision and accuracy. This is the better approach as it provides on-demand replacement and upgrade parts for machines.

● Energy and power generation

To generate energy efficiently, large size parts are required. Manufacturing these parts requires attributes beyond CNC machining. Due to the size of the product, large CNC machining is the concept of the process. Examples of such products are power generation engines and turbine housings.

● Mining

Mining equipment is used in high volume and intensity. This is due to the stresses associated with mining. Therefore, large diameter machining is the right process for manufacturing