Jobs recruitment 2022 in India

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IT is a wide and growing field. And it’s versatile too. You can start at the help desk and work your way up to any number of specialized jobs as you grow. Or you can jump straight into a field you’re interested in if you have some background knowledge.

Many IT professionals start their careers in help desk roles. If you don’t know where to start in IT, this is a good role to consider; it’ll expose you to other areas of IT you might be interested in. As you gain experience, it’s possible to move into other jobs, like system or network administrator, cloud engineer, or information security analyst.

Here are some types of IT jobs ranked by salary to help you determine your earning potential:-

Network administrator
National average salary: More than 4 Lac a year

User experience designer
National average salary: More than 5 Lac a year

System analyst
National average salary: More than 6 Lac a year

Database administrator
National average salary: More than 7 Lac a year

and so on.

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