Jewellery manufacturing equipment UAE

Harshad group is a leading gold manufacturing machine, casting machines designer, jewellery tools suppliers in Dubai, UAE manufacturer in Dubai.

With customers over in more than 10 middle eastern countries such as Dubai, Oman, Bahrain, Kuwait, and many more. Established 45 years Earlier, the Harshad group is founded by Late Mr Hargovind Dhakan. He thought of ahead and established this highly profitable and successful company with strong morals and dignified business fundamentals.

With a team of highly skilled and experienced engineers and craftsmen, Harshad group manufactures top class machines and equipment. Our machines were designed keeping in mind that these machines shouldn't be tough to operate and the user would have to spend a very little on the maintenance of these machines and equipments.

From JET machines to simple gold tools, these machines were designed with utmost precision and accuracy. Finding a fault in our machines is next to impossible.

The prices of these machines are very competitive as we believe that we shouldn't charge more from businesses as it would help them in making them more financially well placed.

Our fundamentals were laid by an entrepreneur that's why we can't let down our generation of entrepreneurs, who wants to enter into gold and jewellery

We manufacture a plethora of machines such as –
• Jewellery manufacturing equipment
• jewellery tools suppliers
• Jewellery Machinery
• Gold Purity Testing machine
• Jewellery Making Machine
• Gold casting machines
• Masterix Mi03 digital wax injector
• Blur furnace machines

We also manufacture smaller and tiny machines, that are used for polishing. The velvet boxes, suede boxes and Wooden boxes are in a huge demand among our regular customers.
You can start your gold business and you can purchase almost all kinds of gold manufacturing machines with a quite affordable price.

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