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Looking for Hydrafacial Treatment in Ludhiana. Contact with Dr VK bindra Skin Clinic in Ludhiana. Hydrafacial cleanses and hydrates your skin to create an instant glow. Hydrafacial is suitable for all skin types! Book a free consultation today!
The HD HydraFacial Is The New Advance In Non-laser Resurfacing Of The Skin With A Philosophy Of "Skin Health For Life." By Combining An Array Of Different Procedures, It Gives You A Complete Skin Solution For Maintenance Of Healthy Skin In One Comprehensive Procedure. It Integrates Many Individual Therapies Like Facial Lymphatic Drainage, Hydra-dermabrasion, Exfoliation, ULTRASOUND , Extraction Of Whiteheads And Blackheads, LED Light Therapy, Application Of Skin Boosters, And Nourishment Of Skin With Direct Delivery Of Hydrating, Antioxidant Serums Into A Single Relaxing Procedure.