How to Recover a Dropbox Password Without Email

Dropbox is one of the leading global cloud storage service providers. It also offers personal cloud, client software on PC, and file synchronization from PC. However, users often want to Recover a Dropbox password without email. Instant Help Zilla is here to help you with all possible options.

Steps to Recover a Dropbox Password Without Email

Usually, as per the Dropbox rules, the user needs to set up an account in its cloud through an email account. That email account works as a password reset vehicle.

It could be possible that you have lost access to the email from which Dropbox subscription was active. But, if you have access to the Dropbox client program from the PC or mobile app, you may still be able to recover the password and change your email.

Try the following steps in an orderly fashion to recover a Dropbox password without email:

Open the Dropbox app on your smartphone (Android or iPhone).
Please select the link “I can’t recover my account using this page” after entering the username for Dropbox cloud storage.
You can now click on the Send Notifications button to forward the login notification on this Dropbox synced smartphone.
Press on Yes when you receive the password reset intimation.
After you validate the identity successfully, the system will send you an email replacement link.
Now, you can get the change password link to your new email.
Follow the link in the email from Dropbox to recover the password.


Instant Help Zilla always brings you the latest tips, tricks, and quick resolutions to common internet issues. If you are a Dropbox subscriber and face account recovery issues, recover a Dropbox password without email by following our article. Please keep visiting our website for more quick DIY steps. In some scenarios, you may only need to contact Dropbox customer service for assistance.

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