How to improve customer engagement & retention with knowledge management tools?

Customer Satisfaction speaks louder for your brand than your other products and services.

Over 95% of consumers worldwide regard customer support services as an essential factor determining their loyalty to a particular brand.

The importance of building and managing strong customer relations has increased more than ever now and will continue to rise. More than 60% of consumers expect brands to know them based on their past interactions and engage with them accordingly. Businesses compete increasingly based on their customer services and endeavor to retain and engage their customers. Many organizations fail to understand their customers’ expectations and behaviors and face customer churn in the early stages of business.

Contrary to common belief, companies do not lose customers to high production costs but poor customer services. The need of the hour is to make your customers feel welcome and let them know that the time and engagement they dedicate to your brand will be valued.

Why manage customer satisfaction through knowledge management?
Suppose you know your customers, challenges, needs, and expectations with your brand, Kudos! You have got the trick!

But here is a thing, managing your customer knowledge and utilizing it in the right direction is where the real challenge begins.

Customers do not like it when the waiting times are longer, and customer support agents fail to grasp the urgency of delivering quick solutions to their problems. The customer-facing support agents also get frustrated when they have to pick up just the correct information from a plethora of data scattered in different files and formats and deliver it to the customer, who is already taking count of every second that passes by.

To support your customers through their journey and win their trust, you need to manage your organizational knowledge effectively to be readily available and accessible across all the touchpoints.

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