How to help children progress at school

Children are like plants in a garden. With the right care and environment, they grow and flourish into fruitful members of society. Each child is unique and have their own colours and personalities just like plants in the garden. As parents, it is important for you to know how to nourish your child in the right way. Figuratively speaking, you have to expose them to the correct amount of sunshine, fertilizer, and rain.

At ASIS, we treat the early years of education as foundational and important. During this time, the way we nurture and shape them is crucial. It is important to give them plenty of guidance and support. We teach them the correct values, skills, and knowledge to shape them into future leaders of tomorrow.

As children spend most of their time in school, it is important for parents to choose a school with a culture which matches their own. Today’s world is volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous. Therefore, parents need to equip their children to thrive and be fruitful in such an environment. The most effective way to accomplish this is by sending them to the right school.

In international schools, children’s progress is closely monitored with a steady stream of homework, quizzes, assignments, projects, tests, etc. which helps in taking the necessary effective steps for the betterment of children. It is important for parents to closely monitor their child’s progress, and have regular meetings with teachers to get their feedback to establish necessary steps together.

We have been educating children for more than 25 years and we have compiled some practical tips to help you equip your child to progress and grow in school:

Positive approach:

Don’t label a child based on academic results, instead with a positive approach find out what is the reason, where the child lags, identify it and work on that. Punishing, and threatening, will not bring out the results, instead, sit with them, have an open conversation, be respectful, and make them understand