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How Owning A Keychain Tool Could Save Your Knife’s Blade

How Owning A Keychain Tool Could Save Your Knife’s Blade

Submitted by • January 28, 2020

Some people think that keychain tools are mere toys. They are right at some point. I mean if one already owned a full sized multitool, why bother buying those little widgets. What’s more the small sizes of these little metal shards made it hard to work with. There are keychain tools though that delivered what they promised, like the Leatherman Brewzer. But when going for the lower end widgets, I found that they are more as gimmicks. The screw drivers and other implements won’t work as intended. I have one that includes a carabiner, but the size is not right to hold my keys.

Nevertheless I still owned a handful despite of the shortcomings.

They are not perfect as tools, they are small and awkward pieces of metals; but they do have their uses. Some keychain tools are good prybars despite not being designed as one. And after years of sporting these metal shards on my belt, it’s my pocket knife that benefited the most. As it turns out, an edged keychain tool complements my blades well as

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