HDPE dredge pipes, are the best choice for the sand and slurry dredging contractors

HDPE dredge pipes, are the best choice for the sand and slurry dredging contractors

Dredging engineering refers to dredging, widening or digging deep rivers and lakes and other water areas, using manpower or machinery to carry out underwater earth and rock excavation projects. The main function of the dredging pipeline is to clean up and transport silt, mud and other mixed debris.

Traditional dredging pipelines are usually steel pipelines, but steel pipelines are easy to have rusty, corrosion, and high water transportation costs. As engineering requirements become higher and higher, the steel pipelines gradually cannot meet the market requirements. In this case, HDPE dredging pipe came into being.

As an ideal solution for dredging jobs, HDPE dredge pipe has many remarkable advantages:

1. Excellent Corrosion resistance: with various organic solvents, HDPE pipes have high resistance to various acid and alkali corrosion, especially in corrosive sea waters, no need corrosive maintenance as steel pipes.

2. Largely reduce pumping costs: with the friction coefficient of 0.009 , the internal surface of HDPE pipe is very smooth, which decrease the flow resistance of the water; and the non-adhesion property also enables HDPE pipe to have higher transmission effiency, about at least 20% reduce the pumping costs.

3. Largely reduce maintenance costs: With good properties of wear resistance, corrosive resistance, low temperature resistance, the HDPE pipelines will not need the daily maintenance of anti-rust, anti freeze, scaling cleaning, etc, which could save 95% costs for maintenance during the operation.

4. Light in weight and easy connection: with the density of 0.94g/cm3, the weight of HDPE pipe is 1/8 of steel pipes, furthermore, the HDPE pipes can be connceted by steel flanges or by fusion welding,which will be easier to do at the job sites, largely reduce labor costs

5. Anti-aging with longer service life: 2-2.5% carbon black will be uniformly mixed in the raw

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