Hair Transplant In Lahore | Hair Transplant Surgeon in Lahore | Pakistan

Getting your hair transplant in Lahore Pakistan should be your strong consideration if you are an expatriate Pakistani living abroad and need hair transplant surgery at a fraction of the cost that you would otherwise pay in most countries of Europe and North America. While most centers in the United States with a good reputation would normally charge you around $6000 – 7000 for a routine session of 1500-2000 grafts, you can get the exact same quality of surgical craftsmanship for $1500 or so in Pakistan.
That is exactly why we cater to a large number of expatriate Pakistanis who come to visit their families for vacation and schedule their hair transplant surgery during the same trip. Lahore is home to some of the finest and most skilled hair transplant surgeons in the world, including Prof. Dr. Azim Jahangir Khan, who has vast experience of over 15 years working in the United States