Rice is one of the common staple food on people's dining table, which contains a lot of protein and a variety of essential trace elements for human body. However, traditional rice processing often leads to the loss of a lot of nutrients in rice, and it has a simple taste. Nutrition rice production line is another innovative application of twin screw extrusion technology. It can be completed once from raw material processing, extrusion curing, molding and drying. It can also be used to produce nutritive enriched rice with various vitamins and minerals necessary for human health in proportion. This production technology can not only retain the original composition of ordinary rice, but also produce coarse grain rice. With the improvement of people's living standard, people have higher requirements for food on dining table, and nutrition rice products show a good market prospect.
Production Line of Nutrition Rice, Golden Rice, Coarse Grain Rice, Crispy Rice and Instant Noodles
The broken rice (broken rice and dropped rice embryo) in the rice milling process can be restored or processed into rice particles which are nearly consistent with ordinary white rice. According to the requirements of scientific diet, some natural nutrien
Production Line Advantages
Productivity: Continuous and automatic process start, quick stop, fast and easy conversion and easy to clean and maintain.
Support product innovation: A variety of raw materials used to process a variety of grains, a wide selection of sizes, shapes and fillers (optional co-extrusion accessory).
Flexibility: Simply by modifying the module or adding components we can produce flakes, two-color products and co-extrusion grains with obvious inclusions or diverse shapes, thus to expand the product range.
High cost effectiveness: Enhance short time conversion process at high temperature to save raw materials, energy and water. Easy to maintain, adopt sanitary design and compact design which requires a small floor space.

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